Survival Vietnamese: Ordering food

A very useful post, this helped me order a couple iced coffees today! The waitress had a laugh at my efforts haha, a lovely experience.


To continue my series of posts on Survival Vietnamese, I decided to dedicate a post to ordering food.

Besides knowing numbers in Vietnamese, knowing how to order food and ask for the bill is pretty crucial. You can get by without knowing any Vietnamese while in Vietnam, but it’s super useful and it’ll make your life a little bit easier.

Vietnam is similar to China in that it’s okay to yell to your server to order food and get the bill. It still makes me uncomfortable every time but it’s not considered rude to be like “Hey you! I’m ready to order!” or to be like, “Check please!”

So first step to ordering food. If you need to get someone’s attention, you’ll have to call them over. Vietnamese language and culture pays special attention to people’s age and hierarchy within society. Even with strangers, you would address them as you…

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