Surviving Semester 1 of 2014

Semester 1 of 2014 is finally over! It has been such a tough first half of the year with the heavy study load from my classes. I was enrolled in a core team project that involved the development of a Web Application for a children’s hospital to go paperless. Each team was allocated five members to complete the project. Unfortunately, the team I was assigned to wasn’t as proactive as I would have liked. What resulted was two out of the five members completing the entire project for the semester.

This resulted in having to drop one of the four courses I was enrolled in to allow enough time to complete the assessment for all my courses. I also work 35 hours a week which put a bit of stress on myself. As majority of my time went into the Web Application project, I had to sacrifice the quality of my assessment pieces for my other courses. I’ve decided to fix them up and complete them so I can use them as a foundation for my portfolio.

The first assessment piece I’m fixing up is my PHP assignment that used IIS on Windows for development and a supplied Amazon Web Server for production. As I’ve been using Ubuntu a fair bit within the last year, I’ve decided to set up a LAMP configuration for development to learn more about the Linux environment. I currently use BitBucket for source control, so I’ll continue from where I left off.

The end goal is to set up my own Amazon Web Server and host my PHP assignment.

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