Just feeling down today

That feeling where I struggle to concentrate and undertake such simple tasks has hit me. I woke up feeling absolutely exhausted even though I had a sufficient amount of sleep. I decided to have a tea and then a coffee to help me through, however, the coffee just made me feel that much worse with a touch of gross. I have heavily reduced my coffee intake from 2 – 4 coffees a day to once every Sunday morning. Prior to that I was only drinking coffee whenever I was out of town. Reducing the amount of coffee I drink has helped me save money as well as provided me with a lot more energy to get me through my days. This kind of encourages me to cut coffee out of my diet entirely.

I have really run myself down by repeatedly working nights and having limited sleep each night due to my early starts for study. I have decided to make some solid life changes to get me on track to where I’d like to be in the near future. I’ll minimise the amount of coffee I am drinking even more than before. I’ll start drinking more water and incorporate a cleaner diet. I’ll ensure to prioritise my fitness and health. I’ll pay off my debt so then I can make my move out of my home town for when the time arrives.

I want to be much happier and feeling great about myself. I intend to make time for myself so I can regain my energy and spend time doing things that I want to do. I also want to make a point of getting off working nights to help fix my sleep pattern.

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