Moleskine Notebooks

I am looking forward to getting a Moleskine notebook once I completely fill in my typo notebook. I’ve gradually been increasing how much I spend on notebooks just to get a better understanding of the different notebooks available.


If you work in technology and still like to take notes, write, draw and imagine, then you are quite familiar with the Moleskine brand. What was once a cool but obscure brand of notebooks has become a product so ubiquitous that you can find it in swag bags for conferences, and venture capital firms hand them out like candy.

In other words, it is very mainstream and very big. And that is why Moleskine went public today on the Milan Stock Exchange. Its shares were priced at 2.30 euros a share. The company raised 245 million euros, or roughly $314 million. It is valued at roughly $626 million. Moleskin had revenues of 78.1 million euros and a profit of about 18.1 million euros in 2012. The stock jumped 3.9 percent today before falling slightly.

Here is a little background on the company from its prospectus:

The company grew out of the…

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