Clean that Mess!

I think it is about time I made an effort to free up all the wasted space and junk that is sitting around my room. As I have been pretty busy with work/study, all my notes and clothes are all over the place..

Not only is my room a mess, but my laptop currently doesn’t have much structure to store my documents for this semester. I need to begin a decent filing system for my study notes for both digitally and physically.

I have been trying different methods to store my study notes, although they just don’t seem to stick. So for now, I believe that if I write everything down on paper and store it on a week by week basis under each corresponding course along with storing research/links for major pieces of assessment, it should work out.

I am going to start using binder folders to store my weekly notes and the application “Evernote” for digital storage of my notes.

Basically, I am trying to give my life a bit more structure so I can worry a little less for now. Uni is killing me at the moment, however, I am still enjoying it!


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