Study List for Today

The goal for today is to complete a set list of tasks.

Today is a bit full on as I have classes, tutoring, and work. I don’t really expect to finish any assignments in full, but I am looking at getting a decent start of a few that are due towards the end of this week. I have decided to start planning my day to day tasks to catch up and try and get ahead of my studies.

Tasks to complete by the end of the day:

  • Power engineering: have the bulk of  tutorial 4 understood.
  • Physics: readings for tomorrow’s concept lab.
  • Physics: get a decent start on each question for problem set 5.
  • C++: complete the first part of task 1.

Important Deadlines for this week!

  • Physics: Problem set 5 due Friday 5pm.
  • Physics: Concept lab and proposal for Thursday 2pm.
  • C++: Assignment 2 due Sunday 5pm.

I also have to keep in mind that I have a my first quiz for information systems next week (week 7).

Let the fun begin!

Power engineering tutorial:

We only went through the first 2 questions of tutorial 4: Induction motors. They seem pretty straight forward and shouldn’t have too much trouble reviewing them. At the end of the tutorial, I got to collect my tutorial 3 result. I actually did a lot better than I actually thought. Instead of failing that specific piece of assessment, I managed an 8/10. The mid semester exam for this course is not till week 9 so I still have a bit of time to concentrate on some other pieces of assessment that have deadlines approaching.

Information systems practical, tutorial, and lecture:

I managed to complete the practical today and tutorial today. The content for practical 4 involved the use of Views and Materialized Views, the difference between the two, and their purpose for information systems. Vinita (practical/tutorial tutor) went over the last sections from practical 2 and 3 as many of the students were having difficulties. Basically it involves the creation of assertions by using if statements.

As for the tutorial, Vinita went through each question to ensure we understood how to do them. While the tutorial only took up half of the tutorial, we did a quick review of the overall material for the course to help prepare for the first quiz next week.

The lecturer was explaining primary indexing, it’s purpose, and how it is used. He has left the other types of indexing till next lecture as he wants us to firstly understand what indexing is in information systems. Towards the end, he did a quick overview for the first quiz next week. The content of the quiz only includes the lectures and tutorials, so as long as I study these I should do fine.


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