Winter Holidays – Mid Year Break!

The major events that took place during this year’s mid year break were:

  • My completion in the ASICS Gold Coast Half Marathon.
  • My cousin’s and younger brother’s combined 21st celebration.

For about 2/3 of the holidays I have been working very long days at two different jobs. Having done this has heavily reduced the amount I sleep each night and the time to relax. So for the other 1/3 of the holidays, I have been watching a fair bit of season 6 of The Office, which I am finding absolutely awesome! I have also been taking any chance of free time and filling it up with catching up with my mates.

The biggest highlight/relief for these holidays was finding out I managed to pass my courses from semester 1! After the last year and a half of lacking in motivation and trying to find what I really wanted to do, I really do feel I have gotten it back. I feel I am ready to take on a full time semester and intend to get decent results by the end of it. As I have been working a great deal, I have saved up a bit of money allowing me to work less this semester and concentrate the spare time to study. I am very determined to complete my degree by the end of next year and get a start on my career in a graduate program in 2013. I really do feel I have found my zone and couldn’t have done it without my best of mates to support me, taking the time to figure out what has been going on, and to have taken a step back and look at other’s positions and how they got there.

To be continued…


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