Taking a day to refresh after a solid week

If I'm not working, I'm studying..

My week, List:

  • Retail job
  • Office job
  • Uni study
  • Dealing with the cold

Quite a busy week for myself involving 20 hours at one job and 13 at the other, along with a train commute 3 times this week. The weather is a lot colder than what it normally is, which has allowed me to purchase a hooded jacket from Dangerfield.

Due to having such a busy week, I felt that I deserved to have a day to just relax and refresh myself before I get back into another solid week. So the day basically involved a hang out/lunch with my mate’s mate’s and a movie called ‘Super 8’. The day hasn’t been wasted at all as I have been able to complete some study for my exam next week as well.


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