My rundown

As I sit on the floor of the train commuting to uni, I’ve decided to attempt to make sense of my weekly routine. The list that makes up my week has grown into quite a mess. Like the mess of a teenagers bedroom, losing track of everything.

Today is the day where I begin to tidy up that mess and take back control of that list that is responsible for my week. I begin this today as I have been feeling lethargic and very run down before the week has even looked like finishing. With this in mind, I will start with the small activities/tasks that add to my weekly list and reduce/remove them if possible.

This ought to put me into a better space of mind.

– Facebook
– web surfing
– useless amounts of study

Firstly, I will put a limit on facebook to only when I have the time.

Secondly, I will only surf the web when I have free time.

Thirdly, I will study smarter. Doing more by doing less.

Basically, this list will put me on track for what lays ahead. No initial big changes yet.


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