Fitness challenge

I’ll be participating in two main events:

1. The Gold Coast – Asics Half Marathon

– Sunday 3 July 2011 @ 6am.

– involves a 21km run.

2. Coomera Waters – Half Ironman Triathlon

– Some date in September.

– involves a 2km swim.


I have never run such a distance nor have I swam such a distance. So this will test my fitness ability and my determination to stick to an exercise routine appropriate for these events.

An exercise routine for week 1 has been developed and will increase in difficult as the weeks progress.

Week 1:

  • Sunday
    • (5 – 10) x 50m swim
  • Monday
    • 4km run
  • Tuesday
    • Gym work
  • Wednesday
    • (5 – 10) x 50m swim
  • Thursday
    • 4km run
  • Friday
    • Rest day
  • Saturday
    • Gym work

I have never set myself such a challenge that has required me to stick to a strict schedule and involve a large amount of preparation. Lets see how I go!



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