Silly and Young

A note to 4 year old preschool Kain:

Please don’t stick little stones up your nose, it isn’t a good idea!

22 year old Kain

I remember this moment where I was sitting on the floor infront of my preschool teacher. I found this little stone next to me on the ground and started fiddling around with it. One thing led to another and before you know it, I had convinced myself that putting it up my right nostril would be a very good idea. Oh how terribly wrong I was..

So I’m this 4 year old kid sitting on the ground with a stone half way up my nose. I panicked! Silly me decided that digging the stone out with my pinkie finger would solve my problem. Unfortunately, this method of removing the little stone only pushed it further and further up my nose until it disappeared.

Haha, I remember being frozen in shock, trying to think where the stone ended up. Eventually I concluded that it was stuck in my brain.

I had learnt a very important lesson at the age of 4. That lesson was to never convince myself to stick a stone up my nose ever again!


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